Here are some comments by the few people who have read Down At The Radio Cafe. Thank you to all for your thoughtful critiques, advice and information as I wrote the book! I will post more reactions from readers as people send them to me.  

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Robin Ireland

"It is so easy to think of racism and the KKK as a problem mostly in the South since so many of the stories I’ve heard over the years take place there. However, with the rampant rise of racial tensions and Ku Klux Klan demonstrations happening across the country today, it is important to understand the history of the KKK’s widespread influence in all parts of our country. In Down at the Radio Café, L.A. Fleming shows how the subtle and pervasive influences of the KKK allowed them take over so many judicial and governmental positions. Through the gripping story of Fred Swan, her main character, I was taken into the dark world of cross burnings, racial hatred, corrupt power and murder in 1920s Denver. As the story progressed, I cheered on a number of powerful, and not so powerful, people in Fred’s life as they fought against the KKK’s influence. My favorite character was a member of the Boulé who fought a dangerous and secret battle against the Ku Klux Klan.

"Thank you, L.A. Fleming, for this wonderful story and the reminder that we must always stay vigilant and strong in the fight against racism, especially when it is masked as patriotism."

Marc Cohen

"An evocative story with convincing characters and irresistible details, this is a great read."

more to come